Now seniors with memory loss can get the care they need close to home.

A memory care residence at Normandie Ridge that can enrich lives
and keep families together.

Normandie Ridge_Spa copyResidents with memory loss in a dedicated setting have been shown to do far better than those receiving traditional nursing care alone. They experience fewer injuries, have less anxiety or violent tendencies, and tend to regain or maintain mental function. We also encourage better appetite by having the staff dine with residents and by providing natural environmental cues to prompt eating. In addition, at Normandie Ridge residents enjoy more personalized social interaction in a comfortable spacious environment.

Normandie Ridge_Resident Room copyResidents with memory loss require a specialized environment that meets the unique needs caused by their disease.

Normandie Ridge has been specifically designed to provide the best possible care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. We’ve created a homelike environment, opportunities to successfully wander, natural light, a garden outdoor space, security to keep residents from harm, and more. By focusing on these details, we provide our residents with an opportunity to continue enjoying the abundant life they have come to know. In addition, our memory care specialists offer opportunities for familiar, comforting activities to help keep residents’ minds sharp and reduce the effects of memory decline.

Designed specifically for residents with memory loss.

The features built in to the Normandie Ridge Memory Care residential neighborhood
reflect the most up-to-date insights into the special needs of seniors living with dementia.

At Normandie Ridge you’ll find:

  • 14 private rooms and 2 semi-private rooms
  • Staff members who dine with residents to remind them of home
  • Sensory-based activities to stimulate and challenge mental acuity
  • ‘Way-finding’ methods to facilitate easy navigation
  • Items such as aquariums, full cupboards and hutches that help stimulate residents’ memories
  • A circular pathway inside the building that allows for uninterrupted walking
  • An enclosed secure patio and garden
  • Physical attachment to campus that allows residents and staff to feel included
  • Detractors that discourage the desire to exit, such as doors that look like walls

A few thoughts on the Memory Care Residence at Normandie Ridge.

Memory Care Short Tour

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Memory Care Spa

We need your help to give residents with memory loss the care they need.

With a specialized memory care residence at Normandie Ridge, we can help our most vulnerable residents remain in the homes they know, amid familiar surroundings where they feel safe and secure. Please help us make that possible with your generous financial support.

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